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Winnipeg Finds $120M in Savings for BRT

June 28, 2016 10:32 AM | News

Fort Rouge rapid transit station (CHRISD.CA)

Fort Rouge rapid transit station (CHRISD.CA)

Winnipeg taxpayers will save about $120 million on the second phase of the Southwest Rapid Transitway.

The city says a revised cost estimate now puts the controversial project at $467.3 million by awarding the contract to Plenary Roads Winnipeg.

The lower price tag puts construction within the original budget amount by refining the final design and by a competitive bidding process during favourable marketing conditions, the city said.

Plenary Roads Winnipeg’s submission achieved the highest score for its combined technical and financial submission for the project.

Construction on the transitway, which also includes the Pembina Highway Underpass, will begin this summer. Once complete in late 2019, it will connect riders as far south as the University of Manitoba and Investors Group Field.

Transit operations are expected to begin in April 2020 following a testing and training phase.