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Social Declarations Aim to Increase Organ Donors in Manitoba

September 23, 2016 5:10 PM | News

Sign Up For Life Organ DonationWINNIPEG — Transplant Manitoba has entered into an agreement with the David Foster Foundation and U.S.-based ORGANIZE on a new concept of declaring and sharing one’s intent to be an organ donor.

The online tool is a way of collecting one’s wishes to be an organ donor as declared on social media once a person shares their intent to donate.

The hope is that more Manitobans will sign up to become organ donors once they pass. The province currently has the lowest rate of registered organ donors in Canada with 1.1 percent of the population officially registered.

The technology was developed by ORGANIZE, a non-profit working to reduce the organ donor waiting list in the U.S.

“We encourage everyone to talk about the decision to be an organ donor with family and friends and to register that decision on signupforlife.ca,” said Dr. Faisal Siddiqui, Transplant Manitoba — Gift of Life.

Transplant Manitoba hopes to increase the number of registered donors, and hopefully start a social declaration movement across Canada.

“We’re encouraging Manitobans and all Canadians to join us in declaring their intent to be an organ donor this weekend by tweeting: I am an #OrganDonor #DFFGala,” said Michael Ravenhill, CEO of the David Foster Foundation.

“This one simple tweet sharing your organ donation decision could one day save the life of up to eight people and impact the lives of so many more.”

The David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala & Concert is Saturday at MTS Centre and will raise funds for families with children in need of major organ transplants.