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Safety in Selling Liquor the Focus of ‘Smart Choices’ Program

January 3, 2017 12:01 PM | News

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WINNIPEG — A new program has been launched to educate those working in Manitoba’s hospitality sector on safe and responsible strategies when serving or selling liquor.

Smart Choices replaces Serving It Safe and the Problem Gambling Assistance Program, offered through the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba.

The new online program focuses on current laws and safety requirements surrounding liquor. Smart Choices also features new elements to increase awareness about problem gambling, drink-spiking and sexual assault, and Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines.

The same responsible service training that was required for restaurants, lounges and other service establishments since the 1990s, now applies to liquor retailers, including managers, security and staff at beer vendors, Liquor Marts, liquor vendors and specialty wine stores.

Smart Choices certification is valid for five years. The LGA is also offering a five-year grace period to anyone who has already completed Serving It Safe or the former It’s Good Business training program through the Manitoba Tourism Education Council.