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What’s In Bloom: Finding the Best Mother’s Day Flowers for Mom

May 11, 2017 7:05 AM | News

Peaches & Cream Flowers

A Peaches and Cream floral arrangement. (CALLIA FLOWERS)

You could just go to the grocery store and pick out Mother’s Day flowers randomly, but that’s a bit boring.

A Winnipeg seasonal bouquet florist is helping to narrow down the floral choices this year by providing options for on-trend arrangements.

Callia Flowers observes national trends through their Vancouver and Edmonton businesses and passes on those recommendations to its customers to make the most informed buying choices, while also hitting the mark on what mothers will most appreciate this year.

Eucalyptus is the new trend in florals, with Pantone choosing “greenery” as their colour of the year for 2017

“We’ve got bouquets with six different kinds of eucalyptus — did you even know there are six different kinds of euc?! The smell is gorgeous and calming, and they last for weeks,” said Catherine Metrycki, founder of Callia Flowers.

Metrycki maintains a three-bouquet offering based on what’s hot in Vogue each month.

She says mothers want sweet-smelling flowers over the usual carnations and daisies

“We’re seeing trends with stockflowers, which give off the sweetest sweet-pea-like scent. We’re also in love with Venetian lavender, which besides smelling amazing also lasts forever — so she can turn her bouquet into a sweet bedside or kitchen posy.”

You may want to toss the paper bag this year as well, with hand-tied, textured garden style bouquets being the choice of many.

“A mix of big blooms, sweet waxflowers and greens make these bouquets unique, edgy and looking like you picked them yourself,” Metrycki added.

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