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Northeast Exchange District Upgrades Completed

July 6, 2017 11:14 AM | News

By David Klassen

Brian Bowman

Mayor Brian Bowman speaks in the Northeast Exchange District, Thursday, July 6, 2017. (@MAYOR_BOWMAN / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — Improvements to the city’s Northeast Exchange District have been completed in time for the busy summer tourist season.

Mayor Brian Bowman on Thursday touted upgrades made to Elgin Avenue, Market Avenue, Pacific Avenue, Bertha Street, Rorie Street, Lily Street and John Hirsch Place.

“It’s fantastic to see revitalization in the Northeast Exchange District coming to fruition,” Bowman said. “We are building a downtown that people want to come to and these improvements will help make it a more inviting place to be.”

Since 2012, a $14 million, multi-year renewal program has been in place to enhance pedestrian components with wider sidewalks, plant 130 new trees, incorporate new streetscaping elements, enhance lighting and increase security.

An innovative drainage design pilot for John Hirsch Place is providing greater soil volume for tree roots and captures rainwater to irrigate trees, while underground and road infrastructure renewals integrate art and heritage components.

Angela Mathieson, CEO of CentreVenture, says the goal is to boost the downtown residential population to 20,000 people in the next few years.

The Northeast Exchange District project is a combined effort by the city and CentreVenture, with additional funding coming from the province through the Exchange Waterfront Neighbourhood Development Program.