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Sweet Stuff: Honey Extracted from Beehives at Red River College

August 23, 2017 4:22 PM | News

Honey Bees

WINNIPEG — Honey from three new beehives on the rooftop of Red River College‘s Notre Dame campus is providing sweet and sticky goodness.

The college has been working with Beeproject Apiaries to produce honey on the fourth floor of the college’s Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, and new this year, on Building A at the Notre Dame Campus.

“A lot of our staff have been interested in visiting the bees and learning about the work they do,” said Sara MacArthur, manager of sustainability at RRC.

“Having the hives on our rooftops downtown and at the Notre Dame Campus encourages that kind accessible learning about what bees do for the environment and the benefits to creating a natural product on campus.”

Staff have named the Notre Dame yield “Creekside Honey,” which was inspired by the nearby Omand’s Creek. The honey is bottled to Canadian Federal Inspection Agency standards and will be returned to RRC in a couple weeks. The extracted honey is used in the college’s culinary program and will be sold at the college’s second annual Farmers’ Market on September 15.

The honey is expected to produce 150 kg in yield.

The partnership between RRC and Beeproject Apiaries will continue in 2018 to produce another yield next summer.