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Winnipeg Transit Utilizing New Emergency Signal System

December 9, 2021 2:51 PM | News

Winnipeg Transit Emergency Signal System

Winnipeg Transit buses will be equipped with a new emergency signal system by December 15. (CITY OF WINNIPEG / HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — A new emergency signal system on Winnipeg Transit buses will alert the public of a situation onboard.

By December 15, all city buses will be enabled to allow operators to alert the public outside that emergency responders are needed. The alert, which displays the messages “Emergency Call 911” and “Do Not Board Bus,” will also be sent to the Transit Control Centre.

“This investment represents the latest in a series of transit safety initiatives assisted by collaboration with the Transit Advisory Committee, continuing to demonstrate our commitment to a safe, pleasant, and effective public transportation system,” said St. Boniface Councillor Matt Allard, chairperson of the standing policy committee on infrastructure, renewal and public works.

Greg Ewankiw, director of Winnipeg Transit, says the emergency signal is another layer of protection for bus operators as well as passengers by ensuring help arrives as quickly as possible if it is needed.

“The safety and security of passengers who rely on Winnipeg Transit is a top priority, as is the safety of our operators and other employees,” said Ewankiw.

The emergency signal system comes at a technical cost of $9,100.