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Gillingham Proposes ‘Big Move’ to Boost Transit

September 7, 2022 11:12 AM | News

Scott Gillingham

Scott Gillingham (HANDOUT)

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Scott Gillingham wants to make the city’s transit fleet more efficient to reduce traffic congestion.

As part of his “big move” plan, Gillingham says he would restore Winnipeg Transit to 100 percent of pre-pandemic service levels in 2023 by adding approximately 50 buses back on the roads.

Gillingham says his administration would also add 11 new buses annually to the city’s busiest routes from 2024-26, accounting for 33 new buses.

He would also accelerate route modernization upgrades in the city’s Transit Master Plan, and launch the new on-request suburban services, starting with the Castlebury Meadows — Waterford Green routes in 2023.

“Winnipeg Transit bus ridership is recovering from the impact of the pandemic,” Gillingham said in a statement. “But transit experts agree the best way to drive stronger ridership is to get more bus frequency on key routes fast.”

Gillingham admits driver recruitment will be a challenge in expanding the city’s transit service, as well as ensuring security and working conditions for drivers.

He has offered to meet with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1505 quarterly to discuss their concerns.