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KISS Blames Media for Oshawa’s Sour Grapes

August 27, 2009 7:15 AM | Entertainment

By Sarah Klein

KISS LogoRock band KISS announced its North American tour dates this week, including Winnipeg, but one special Canadian city was left off the list.

Oshawa, Ontario was voted as the number 1 spot for KISS to come when the band held its online fan-routed tour contest earlier this year. Many KISS fans in Oshawa were upset that their city wasn’t on the list; but it was all part of a surprise the band had planned for the most KISS-friendly city.

Gene Simmons said that the band left Oshawa off the list on purpose, to announce in person they would be playing there. The plan was to launch their new album, “Sonic Boom,” in the Ontario city and formally make the big announcement.

Simmons said he was “pissed off” that the media made such a fuss about the band supposedly snubbing Oshawa.

The city’s mayor, along with fans, have let it go and are just happy to be included when KISS plays General Motors Center on October 7.

Ticket information for Winnipeg’s November 9 show hasn’t been released yet.