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Winnipeg Mall Offering Special Parking to Hybrid Owners

September 1, 2009 9:00 AM | News

Toyota Prius

There’s now another incentive for driving a hybrid vehicle — preferred parking.

Kildonan Place Shopping Centre unveiled designated parking spots for customers with hybrid vehicles earlier this morning.

Nine designated parking spots will read “Preferred Parking for Hybrid Vehicles.” These spots will be marked with bright green recyclable metal signs with matching colours on the ground. They will also be located close to multiple exterior entrances to the mall.

KP is the first shopping centre in Manitoba and one of only a handful across the continent to offer these preferred parking spots.

“This program is an experiment, and we are proud to be leading the pack in the province when it comes to promoting environmentally-friendly choices,” said Marketing Director Corey Quintaine.

The spaces will be monitored, so don’t think you can weasel your gas-guzzling Hummer into one of them.