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10 CTV-Owned Stations in Ontario Could Close

October 22, 2009 11:23 AM | News

Save Local - CTVThe future doesn’t look good for ten local CTV-owned stations in Ontario, which could all face closure this year if cable companies aren’t forced to start paying for their signals.

There are 11 stations in Ontario and only CFTO in Toronto makes money, according to Paul Sparkes, an executive vice-president at CTVglobemedia.

Global and CBC are in similar situations with their stations, but it’s CTV’s properties which face critical need of immediate funding.

The CRTC has yet to rule on fee for carriage rules, which stations have been pushing to have put in place for a while. The grim outlook could come to it final stages as early as this winter if something isn’t done soon, executives warned.

— With files from The Canadian Press