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WIND Mobile Wants Google Nexus One in Canada

January 9, 2010 7:56 AM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

Canada’s newest wireless carrier is pushing to be the first network in Canada to carry Google’s newly-introduced phone — the Nexus One.

WIND Mobile — which only launched in December — has been in talks with Google about bringing the smartphone north of the border.

Google made no mention earlier this week about selling the phone here, but just like the iPhone, expect to see it here shortly after its U.S. debut.

WIND may have an advantage over other Canadian carriers looking to scoop the Nexus One for their network. WIND operates on the AWS spectrum brand — the same brand as T-Mobile USA — which is the exclusive carrier of the Nexus One in the U.S.

WIND hasn’t launched in Manitoba yet, but Alberta and Ontario have been treated to the service when the network first started up.

Rogers and Telus have been rumoured to be drawing up marketing plans already for the expected launch of Apple’s new iPhone this summer, but nothing is definite.

With industry analysts predicting 90% of cell phone users to be using a smartphone by 2011, the Nexus One should be in the hands of Canadians shortly.