Busy Weekend for RCMP Managing Countryfest Rowdies

By David Klassen

Music fans kept RCMP busy this weekend at Dauphin’s Countryfest, as more arrests were reported from Friday.

Police say two people were arrested for being intoxicated, while another three festival-goers were arrested for impaired driving.

Thirty-one speeding tickets were handed out, 12 tickets for failing to wear a seat belt, and 22 for other traffic offences.

Three other people had their driver’s licences suspended for 24 hours.

On Saturday night, 17 arrests took place for intoxication — the most of any other day — and two other people were arrested for impaired driving. There was one further 24 hour driver’s licence suspension.

These latest numbers don’t include the number of tickets handed out the day before the festival started on Wednesday, and the first day of Countryfest on Thursday.

The four-day country music event wraps up today with performances by Kellie Pickler, Buffy Sainte-Marie and others.

UPDATE: Monday, July 5 — RCMP report another 16 arrests took place on Sunday for intoxication, one person was charged for not wearing a seat belt, 13 people were ticketed for speeding and five others for traffic offences. Throughout the entire weekend, 200 people were charged for offences under the Highway Traffic Act. In 2009, 110 people were charged for the same offences, and only six people were arrested for impaired driving.




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