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CTV Celebrates 50 Years with Open House in Winnipeg

September 27, 2010 7:30 AM | Photos

CTV weather specialist Sylvia Kuzyk speaks to the crowd of viewers and fans who came out on Saturday, September 25, 2010 for the CTV Winnipeg Open House at 345 Graham Avenue. (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA)

To mark CTV Winnipeg’s 50th anniversary of broadcasting in Manitoba, the television station held an open house on Saturday.

Over 1,500 people arrived to tour CTV’s Graham Avenue studios and meet the staff. Similar open houses were also held across the country at other CTV stations, giving the public an inside look at how TV news is made.

The level of interest in CTV’s operations was so high, those showing up for a tour near the end of the four hour event were turned away, but not before about 600 people got the opportunity to step inside and try their hand at the weather map.

This is the second time in just over a year CTV Winnipeg has opened its doors to the public. In May 2009 during the national “Save Local TV” campaign, CTV held a rally of support at Portage Place Shopping Centre followed by guided tours of their building.

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