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Shaw Launches Remote SMTP E-mail Access

January 21, 2011 6:14 AM | News

Shaw Communications launched remote SMTP e-mail access for its customers this week, allowing users to send Shaw e-mail using client software without being on a Shaw connection.

To put it into simpler terms, customers can check their @shaw.ca e-mail accounts no matter what service provider they happen to be using at the time. You could always do this by using Shaw Webmail, but now mobile customers don’t have to rely on their wireless provider’s servers to send e-mail.

Previously, the outgoing mail server could only be accessed while on Shaw’s network, but can now be configured if you happen to be on another ISP.

Customers must activate this new feature by going to the webmail beta site and enabling mobile access under the Mobile Access option in the Preferences menu.

If you switch between different connections frequently, this cuts down on the hassle of reconfiguring your e-mail client every time you want to send e-mail.

And yes, it’s free for all customers.