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Riding Mountain Skiers Pleased with Early Condition of Trails

November 23, 2011 7:46 AM | Sports

A man cross country skies in Winnipeg on November 19, 2011. (CHRISD.CA)

Cross country ski trails in Riding Mountain National Park are open for the season and ski enthusiasts couldn’t be happier.

The Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba says 10 kilometres of packed and tracked ski trails along Deep Lake Road are ready to be enjoyed.

“The conditions are good to excellent and the tracks are fast and hard. These are probably the only set trails in the park, but there are others that are packed,” said Roger Baird, a provincial park employee and skier.

The trail located north of Rossburn on Route 264 is at the southwest end of the park and open to anyone. Baird suggests those interested in heading out contact him (roger.baird@pc.gc.ca) in a week to check up on current conditions. The wave of warmer temperatures expected in southern Manitoba in the next few days isn’t likely to affect the Rossburn area.

Up-to-date information on trail conditions for other areas of the province are available on the Ski Association’s website at CCSAM.ca.