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Habitat for Humanity to Begin Home-Building Blitz

July 9, 2012 9:00 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Habitat for Humanity will begin to build a home in Riverbend today as part of the annual HFHM Blitz Build.

Hundreds of volunteers and work crews will lend a hand and construct eight homes in just 12 days. The homes will be located in the area of North Main and Fernbank Avenue.

“It’s a great piece of unused and under-utilized property and with the demand so great for affordable housing, there was great cooperation from the City of Winnipeg for us to help fill that ongoing need,” said Sandy Hopkins, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba CEO. “These homes will once again be built to the highest quality standards and likely be the most energy efficient homes in the nearby surrounding area.”

The current and unsightly strip of land will be home to 10 side-by-side units (20 homes) within two years. Low income families will eventually move into the completed units, which are also energy and water efficient.