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Lake Winnipeg Foundation Wins National Award

March 28, 2013 10:52 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)

Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation has received national recognition for its work to preserve one of the province’s largest bodies of water.

On World Water Day (March 22), the LWF received the Council of the Federation’s first-ever Excellence in Water Stewardship Award for Manitoba.

“Recent news focussing on another spring flood puts water on the top of everyone’s mind, once again,” said Vicki Burns, the foundation’s outreach coordinator. “Our thoughts are first and foremost with all those who will suffer directly with the potential spring flood, but are followed by concern over the impact it will have on Lake Winnipeg from a water quality perspective.”

In February, Lake Winnipeg was named the most threatened by the Global Nature Fund.