Province Aims to Reduce Nutrient Load in Lake Winnipeg by 50 Percent

Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)
Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)

The Province of Manitoba is hoping a new partnership program between several jurisdictions will see the nutrient loads in Lake Winnipeg drop dramatically.

Called the Lake Friendly Accord and Stewards Alliance, it’s hoped the new partnerships will see all the stakeholders working together to help reduce nutrient pollution from Manitoba’s largest freshwater lake.

“The Lake Winnipeg basin reaches into nine jurisdictions and more than 50 per cent of nutrients polluting it come from outside the province,” said Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh.

“Working together to solve the complex issues surrounding the health of Lake Winnipeg will ensure it is protected for future generations of Manitoba families and that water quality is improved for everyone in the basin along the way.”

The new accord and alliance will leverage $1 billion in funding to help clean the lake, said Mackintosh.

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