Warm, Wet Weather Speeding Up Mosquito Development

Ken Nawolsky
Ken Nawolsky, superintendent of the Insect Control Branch, updates media on the mosquito situation on Friday, May 30, 2014. (CHRISD.CA)

Warm, wet weather over the last 10 days hasn’t been good news for Winnipeg’s mosquito population.

The city says some summer nuisance mosquito species have hatched in the water, and the first generation of the species will appear in the next three to five days, weather dependent.

Ken Nawolsky, superintendent of the Insect Control Branch, says the rapid jump from spring temperatures to summer-like heat hasn’t helped the situation.

“We had 33°C yesterday, so it really speeded up the larval development,” Nawolsky said. “The (summer) species are going to hatch a little earlier this year compared to last year.”

The city-wide trap count is three, made up of mostly overwintering adult mosquitoes. The Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA) rating remains low.

While mosquitoes haven’t fully emerged, residents may have noticed flying midges, which are non-biting flies that resemble mosquitoes.

Nawolsky added one of the main things homeowners can do to prevent mosquitoes from developing is to dump standing water on their property.


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