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Walk on the Wild Side of Your Trip, Before You Leave Home

June 2, 2014 7:10 AM | News

Google - Parks Canada

(NC) — Do you ever feel a bit apprehensive about leaving the comfort of home for the uncertain terrain of the great outdoors? Trips to national parks and historic sites, for instance, often make us wonder how challenging the trails will be, or if the kids will be able to handle the elements, or exactly what the reserved campsite will look like.

Parks Canada and Google have teamed up to answer these questions so that the country’s most iconic places are accessible to everyone. Google staff says it has driven the roads, hiked the trails, visited the campgrounds, and peered into the historic rooms of over 50 national parks and national historic sites so that you can explore these destinations from the comfort of your home, before you go.

“The partners point out that this high-tech partnership will allow Canadians to build a stronger bond with the amazing places and geography that define our country. “It is an exciting opportunity to ‘virtually’ visit the places in advance and then become inspired to visit in person,” says Ellen Bertrand, spokesperson for Parks Canada. “You will get 360 degree panoramic views of any location, all of it accessed free online at home, or on mobile devices. This is a great way to get prepared for a wide range of spectacular places across all of Canada.”

Aaron Brindle, spokesperson for Google Canada, says he is looking forward to experiences that lie ahead.

“Since the beginning of our partnership we’ve been able to capture some incredible images and even some unexpected ones. We’ve captured shots of some of Canada’s most spectacular landscapes, plus moose and even polar bears, all of which can be seen on Google Street View.”

Details on the Google partnership are available through the Parks Canada website.