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Agencies for Winnipeg’s Homeless Get $28M

June 20, 2014 2:08 PM | News

By Brian Schultz

The federal government has announced more than $28 million in funding to support projects that prevent and reduce homelessness in Winnipeg.

MP Candice Bergen made the announcement Friday while also releasing results of a Winnipeg homelessness study with the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

“Thanks to this world-leading study, we have the evidence that Housing First works. The results specific to Winnipeg clearly indicate that Housing First can rapidly end homelessness among different groups, including aboriginal people in our urban centres, while also being a sound financial investment,” Bergen said.

Results from the study revealed that using a Housing First approach, which gives people who are homeless a place to live and then provides the necessary supports to help them stabilize their lives, is an effective way to reduce homelessness and help those with mental illness, including the aboriginal homeless population.

The government renewed the Homelessness Partnering Strategy in 2013.