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Steeves Would Cut Down Mosquito Buffer Zones

July 29, 2014 10:51 AM | News

MosquitoMayoral candidate Gord Steeves says he will work to cut mosquito buffer zones in half if elected Winnipeg’s next mayor.

The former city councillor announced Tuesday a plan to fight mosquitoes by also pushing for aerial spraying with an organic compound instead of malathion.

“Winnipeggers work hard and suffer through long brutal winters,” Steeves said. “I think it’s the job as mayor to ensure summers are as comfortable as possible. That means taking every measure possible to reduce mosquito counts to as close to zero as possible.”

Steeves said he would work with the province on the aerial spraying initiative, taking steps already implemented in Grand Forks, ND to reduce the need for residential spraying.

Buffer zones would be decreased from 90 metres to 40 metres for instances where residential spraying is required as a last resort, and ensure buffer zones would only be granted for medical reasons.

Voters head to the polls on October 22.