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WAG Appoints New Studio Manager

December 12, 2014 6:56 AM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Art GalleryThe Winnipeg Art Gallery has appointed Diane Lafournaise as WAG Studio manager, overseeing art education for children, teens, and adults.

“Her knowledge of the classroom and the provincial art curriculum, as well as her dedication to making art accessible to all, makes her a great fit for WAG Studio,” said Dr. Stephen Borys, WAG director and CEO. “Art making and learning will be central to the new Inuit Art Centre, so Diane will be key during the critical planning stage.”

Lafournaise comes to the WAG with a wealth of teaching and administrative experience. Most recently, she developed and facilitated an after-school art club at Lord Nelson School which centered around a visit to the 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. exhibition at the WAG.

The WAG Studio is one of the largest gallery studio programs in Canada.