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Lake Winnipeg Foundation Signs Lake Friendly Accord

March 20, 2015 12:35 PM | News

Lake Winnipeg

Beach and dock along shores of Lake Winnipeg (FILE)

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation has become the first local non-governmental organization to sign the Lake Friendly Accord.

“Leadership starts at home and we recognize our responsibility to guide the way forward,” said Alexis Kanu, executive director, the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. “We are pleased to offer our eight-point Lake Winnipeg Health Plan as our commitment to building solutions.”

The foundation works tirelessly to protect the lake and its associated watershed.

The Manitoba government and the South Basin mayors and reeves first partnered in June 2013 to announce the Lake Friendly Accord and establish the Lake Friendly Stewards Alliance.

Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh said the goal is to improve water quality by reducing nutrients in rivers and lakes.

The accord was signed during Canada Water Week, in advance of World Water Day, March 22 at The Forks.

Mackintosh also announced a $25,000 grant for the University of Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg Basin Information Network, which was created to share information on Lake Winnipeg and its watershed with managers, researchers and the public.