Swat! Mosquito Season Begins in Winnipeg

Swat! Mosquito Season Begins in Winnipeg

Ken Nawolsky
Ken Nawolsky, superintendent of the Insect Control Branch (CHRISD.CA FILE)

That M word that gets Winnipeggers itchy at the very thought is upon us again.

Mosquito season is here and the city is ready to tackle the pesky blood-suckers with its arsenal of surveillance and larviciding equipment.

Based on an environmentally-friendly insect control strategy, the city will use four larviciding helicopters as part of its 100 percent biological larviciding program.

The city has added four additional traps this year, one in each quadrant of the city. The additional traps are placed in the newer developments.

The Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA) rating is currently low.

Monitoring for adult nuisance mosquitoes will begin on May 1, with the first trap count numbers posted to the city’s website on May 4.


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