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Waverley Underpass Going Full Steam Ahead

February 24, 2016 3:01 PM | News

Waverley Train

Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

WINNIPEG — Days of waiting for a train at Waverley and Taylor are numbered after city council approved the $155M project on Wednesday.

The underpass in south Winnipeg will alleviate train delays at the intersection, which sees approximately 30,000 vehicles daily. A similar underpass west of the intersection has eliminated train delays at Kenaston Boulevard and Taylor Avenue.

Between 35 and 40 trains move through the intersection daily.

“It has been a journey to get this project approved but the wait is finally over,” said River Heights — Fort Garry Councillor John Orlikow.

“I want to thank all those that have supported me in getting the Waverley Underpass approved, including the thousands of people that have called in and signed the petition letting council know how important it is to the community and the city.”

Taylor Avenue between Waverley Street and Lindsay Street will be increased to four lanes as part of the project.

Construction is set to begin in early 2017 and has secured funding from all three levels of government. CN Rail will also contribute financially through an existing agreement with the city.

A FAQ section on the Waverley underpass project has been created at Winnipeg.ca.