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Former RRC President Won’t Face Charges in Kitchen Marble Scandal

July 7, 2016 9:46 AM | News

Stephanie Forsyth (RED RIVER COLLEGE)

Stephanie Forsyth (RED RIVER COLLEGE)

The former president of Red River College will not be charged over her use of college-purchased marble that she had installed in her personal kitchen.

Stephanie Forsyth used excess marble from the Union Bank Tower for a home renovation project in her Wellington Crescent kitchen.

Winnipeg police launched an investigation in January 2015 to review the allegations. RRC’s board also conducted their own internal investigation, but the results were inconclusive.

“The Winnipeg Police Service has conducted a review and has determined there is no evidence to support a criminal investigation,” the college said in a statement.

RRC’s board will also not pursue the matter any further and considers the case closed.

Forsyth’s time as head of the college was surrounded by other allegations, including her use of college funds to expense personal items, such as a $205 pair of golf shoes. She later reimbursed the college for some of the items. She was also accused of firing several senior administration officials without cause and having a management style that ruled with an iron fist.

Forsyth resigned in September 2014 and now lives in British Columbia.