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Virden Comes Together to Help Stranded Motorists Caught in Storm

December 7, 2016 5:22 PM | News

Highway 75 - Snow

Highway 1 from the Saskatchewan border to Headingley, Manitoba was closed Tuesday overnight into Wednesday, stranded motorists near Virden. (CHRISD.CA)

Motorists who had been stranded on Highway 1 near Virden since Tuesday were looked after by emergency personnel over the last 24 hours.

RCMP say more than 200 drivers were stranded, including a long line of semis stretching several kilometres.

Every driver was spoken to on the highway last night by RCMP officers. Food, water and even insulin were brought to motorists who were waiting for conditions to improve and the highway to reopen.

“It was a challenging evening with blizzard conditions, multiple collisions in the area and about 5 km of semis stopped on Highway 1,” said Cpl. Matt Hipwell of the Virden RCMP.

“We worked closely with the Town of Virden and the volunteer Fire Department to ensure everyone was okay. Our community really came together to help those in need.”

A diesel delivery truck was also sent out early Wednesday afternoon for semis running low on fuel.

Before the highway reopened, a bus shuttled motorists to Virden for food, water and washroom facilities.

Musician Tom Jackson and his band — also among those stranded — performed an impromptu concert in Virden last night.