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What’s Hot in the Kitchen? Craft Beer Ranks No. 1 Again

February 24, 2017 5:55 PM | News


Craft beer continues to be the hottest trend among Canadian chefs for the third year in a row.

A new list of hot trends in Restaurants Canada’s annual Canadian Chef Survey was released Friday, showing craft beer and microbrews continue to have staying power.

“Craft beer continues to dominate, but new trends are breaking ground,” said Shanna Munro, Restaurants Canada’s president and CEO.

“The restaurant industry is always innovating and experimenting with different flavour palettes to push the boundary.”

Behind craft beer, food smoking and charcuterie/house-cured meats rounded out the top three on the trends list.

Chef Charlotte Langley, culinary curator for RC Show 2017, says to look out for fermented and fresh-to-go options.

“Seaweed is in, so we can give our oceans a break. It’s an ethically sourced product that’s great for you and our food economy,” she said.

Aside from trending items, chefs were asked to list the quintessential Canadian food.

The top three winners were:

  • Maple syrup
  • Poutine
  • Beef/Alberta beef

The Canadian Chef Survey was conducted by BrandSpark International between January and February with more tan 560 professional chefs participating.

What’s trending? See the complete list below.

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