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Picture-Perfect Spots to Visit in Manitoba This Summer

July 4, 2017 2:23 PM | Columns


Photo by Emmanuel Milou

Manitoba is proudly referred to as the heartbeat of Canada, due to its central location, welcoming people and unique blend of historical character and modern design.

For hobby shutterbugs and professional photographers alike, the province is filled with breathtaking, photo-worthy views. Here are just a few great spots that are ripe for exploring with your camera this summer.

Grand Beach

Named one of the Seven Wonders of Canada by CBC, Grand Beach is located on the pristine banks of Lake Winnipeg and boasts three kilometres of fine, white sand dunes. This hidden gem is an excellent place to enjoy the sun while swimming, wind surfing, or hiking the local trails.

Churchill River

Nicknamed “sea canaries” for their high-pitched communications, beluga whales inhabit the warmer waters of the Northern Manitoba Hudson’s Bay coastline during the summer, making a trip to Churchill River particularly attractive. Visitors can board a zodiac to visit these intelligent, chatty creatures, or sign up for a snorkeling adventure and swim with these friendly giants under the water.

Churchill River

Churchill River is home to these playful, majestic creatures. Photo by Brian Gratwicke

Hayes River

A Canadian Heritage River, the Hayes River offers more than just a simple float. The Hayes is a historic river that played a huge role in the development of Canada and was the main transportation route for the fur trade between 1670 and 1870. Guests can glide through history as they visit the famous York Factory and marvel in the beauty that this river has to offer.

The Forks Market

Originally, this marketplace was the home to the horses owned by two competing rail companies circa 1900. Today, the buildings have been joined together to become a bustling local market with a variety of shops. It features a beautiful plaza that opens up to the picture-perfect view of the junction between the Red River and the Assiniboine River.

The Forks

Climb The Forks Market’s glass tower for spectacular views of the two rivers. Photo by Robert Linsdell

Pisew Falls

Visitors need only to walk over the short pedestrian bridge to the Grass River to find a 13-metre drop where the water splits in two different directions. Avid hikers can head up to Kwasitchewan Falls from the Pisew Falls trailhead and see the highest waterfall in Manitoba first-hand.

Saint-Boniface Cathedral

Established in 1818, this Mother Church of Western Canada has been the backdrop of many photoshoots due to its historical character and European charm. Back in the day, this Cathedral was positioned across the Red River from the Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, which is near the centre of the province’s capital city, Winnipeg.

St. Boniface Cathedral

Saint-Boniface Cathedral is both a historic landmark and a scenic destination for photographers. Photo by Erik Araújo


Seeing the northern lights is a bucket-list experience. Churchill just so happens to be one of the top three locations in the world to witness this natural wonder, and there are plenty of spots near the city to camp out with friends and watch the show unfold.

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