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Winnipeg Police, Partner Law Enforcement Dismantle Cross-Provincial Drug Network

November 1, 2018 12:55 PM | News

Project Riverbank Seizure

From left to right: Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen, Mayor Brian Bowman, RCMP ‘D’ Division Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, and Winnipeg police Inspector Max Waddell, show off items seized as part of Project Riverbank, Thursday, November 1, 2018. (RCMP)

A 10-month-long investigation by Winnipeg police and partner law enforcement agencies in western Canada has resulted in a $2.7 million seizure of drugs, vehicles and cash.

Project Riverbank dismantled an inter-provincial drug network made up of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ketamine.

Police showed off seized items Thursday at a Manitoba Public Insurance garage on Plessis Road, including a number of high-end vehicles.

Officers concluded their investigation on October 18, where 16 search warrants were executed across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Eight homes were searched in Winnipeg, four in Regina, one in Edmonton and three properties in lower mainland B.C.

“There is no doubt that these arrests and seizures will have a substantial impact on the flow of drugs into this province and throughout our country,” said RCMP assistant commissioned Scott Kolody, commanding officer of RCMP “D” Division.

Ten people were arrested and 156 charges laid related to conspiracy and trafficking of a controlled substance, firearms, and proceeds of crime.

More than 300 officers were involved with Project Riverbank, including 158 Winnipeg police members and 35 RCMP officers.

In Manitoba, police seized:

Walther P99 9mm semi-automatic
handgun and ammunition
Drugs seized in MB:
3 kg methamphetamine $105,000
11 kg cocaine $660,000
2 kg ketamine $14,000
6 oz heroin $42,000
4.5 lb marijuana $9,000
21 kg of cutting agent $14,700
20 oxycodone pills $800
Total street value drugs seized $845,500
Vehicles seized in MB:
2019 Volvo tractor $266,000
2018 Ford F450 $91,000
2013 construction trailer $7,500
2002 Subaru $3,500
2010 Honda Civic $4,500
2011 BMW 328xi $10,000
2014 Chevrolet Camaro $16,000
2013 Nissan Sentra $6,000
Value of vehicles seized $404,500


Drugs and vehicles seized in Saskatchewan accounted for $72,500, while seizures in Alberta yielded $27,000. Seizures in B.C. didn’t turn up drugs, but officers located $250,000 in cash and $966,000 in vehicles.

The overall $2.7 million seizure accounts for $899,260 in seized drugs, $1.4 million worth of vehicles and $378,740 in cash.

“This investigation demonstrates the ability of the WPS Organized Crime Division to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies and prosecutions to detect, disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations,” police said in a release.