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Trees Winnipeg Encourages People to Get Planting This Spring

March 20, 2019 8:12 AM | News

A non-profit Winnipeg organization is encouraging citizens to get planting as the calendar officially flips to spring today.

Trees Winnipeg is marking the first day of the season by inviting green thumbs to its Winnipeg ReLeaf Tree Planting Program, which helps replenish the city’s tree population.

“The ReLeaf program has the potential to help improve the overall health of the city’s urban forest as it is the only program in Winnipeg dedicated to diversifying tree species on private property,” said Gerry Engel of Trees Winnipeg.

“With the growing incidence of Dutch elm disease, the arrival of the emerald ash borer, and substantial decreases to the city’s urban forest budget, Winnipeg’s urban canopy on private and public property is facing serious challenges.”

The program ensures that private property owners have access to healthy young trees sat an economical price, learn tree-planting best practices, and help contribute to the strengthening of Winnipeg’s beautiful urban forest canopy for decades and generations to come, he adds.

Four ReLeaf tree collections are being highlighted this year, including crab apple, maple, linden and mountain ash, and lilac and plum.

Trees Winnipeg is also holding tree planting and care workshops for $55 in May. Participants will learn that the leading cause of tree mortality in newly-planted trees is improper planting (typically, by planting too low.)

To learn more about the program, visit treeswinnipeg.org.