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Tyndall Park Liquor Mart Reopens with New Security Entrance

November 27, 2019 11:51 AM | News

Liquor Mart Secure Entrance

The new security entrance at the Tyndall Park Liquor Mart. (MBLL)

A Winnipeg Liquor Mart has reopened with heightened security after three employees were assaulted during a violent armed robbery last week.

The Tyndall Park location now features a secure entrance where shoppers are required to show valid photo identification before entering.

The changes come as Liquor Marts across the city see a spike in brazen robberies over the past year.

The security changes include a locked inner door, which is only opened after a customer’s ID is scanned. Minors, including small children, are no longer allowed in the Liquor Mart, even if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Liquor Mart Secure Entrance

Customers will be required to show valid photo identification before entering the store. (MBLL)

The secure entrances will be rolled out to all Winnipeg Liquor Marts in the coming weeks and months.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries says as the changes are being implemented, the Crown corporation will continue to work with Winnipeg police to expand their presence in the stores. Construction of the new entrance was already underway prior to the robbery at the Tyndall location.

“As a modern retailer, we have tried to balance employee and customer safety with an enjoyable shopping experience. Unfortunately, the brazen thefts that have inundated us over the last 18 months has left us no option but to take these drastic measures,” MLL said in a release.

Randi Chase, 26, one of the employees who was assaulted on November 20, has spoken out on social media about her experience. Watch it below.

In response to the video, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries issued the following memo to employees on Tuesday.