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RCMP Remind Snowmobilers to Ride Safely

December 7, 2019 9:01 AM | News


Manitoba RCMP are reminding snowmobilers to ride safely after two fatal collisions last weekend.

“Every winter, our officers are called upon to attend the scenes of tragic snowmobile collisions,” Mounties said in a release.

Police offer up the following safety tips to riders:

  • Know your abilities and ride within your limits. This will allow you to always be in control of your snowmobile.
  • Use caution, be alert and slow down when operating on unfamiliar terrain. Always look ahead and be ready for hidden or unforeseen obstacles.
  • Always ride in groups and let people know where you’re going, the route you will be taking, and when you expect to return.
  • Wear the proper protective clothing, including a helmet, to keep you warm and to keep you safe.
  • Be cautious of ice thickness when crossing frozen bodies of water. If you are crossing a body of water, please wear a floatation device over your outer clothing.
  • Ride sober. Drinking and using cannabis while operating a snowmobile don’t mix.