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Graffiti Vandals Tag RCMP Headquarters, CMHR and Winnipeg MP’s Office

February 26, 2020 2:01 PM | News

RCMP Graffiti

Vulgar graffiti outside RCMP ‘D’ Division headquarters on Portage Avenue, which we have pixelated. (DWIGHT WILSON / TWITTER)

UPDATE: Sunday, April 5 — Winnipeg police have charged an 18-year-old man in connection to the graffiti.

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Three Winnipeg buildings were hit with graffiti overnight, including the RCMP ‘D’ Division headquarters.

Pictures on social media Wednesday showed red spray paint also covering surfaces of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the constituency office of Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal.

Graffiti outside RCMP headquarters showed monuments tagged with profanities, and phrases reading: “F*** RCMP,” “Shut Down KKKanada” and “Land Back”

Outside MP Dan Vandal’s constituency office on St. Mary’s Road, vandals spray-painted the words “U Fail Us Do Better” and “Stolen Land.”

Police say in a written statement that they are investigating the three instances of graffiti as being linked, but not as a hate crime.

Manitoba Justice Minister Cliff Cullen denounced the vandalism and said the provincial government is eyeing a proposed law in Alberta that would stiffen penalties for protesters who shut down critical economic infrastructure, including railways.

“Certainly when it comes to vandalism like this, again, it’s just so unfortunate that people will stoop to these types of endeavours,” Cullen said Wednesday.

“We will stand beside the police. We know they’re facing challenges. They have a difficult job to do, but certainly they use their expertise in making the decisions they do.”

— With files from The Canadian Press