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Police Warn of Increase in Catalytic Converter Theft

February 4, 2021 10:12 AM | News

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter (WPS / HANDOUT)

Winnipeg police are warning the public of an increase in catalytic converter theft from vehicles.

The news comes after 77 reports were received by police in January of such thefts, which often occur so thieves can sell the scrap metal.

Three people were arrested on January 31 after officers on patrol noticed the group allegedly stealing a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked in the rear lane in the 100 block of Donan Street.

On February 2, two men were arrested after catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles in a residential parking lot in the 700 block of Regent Avenue.

A vehicle can still run without a catalytic converter, which controls exhaust emission and reduces toxic gases, but will be noticeably louder.

Police say damages in relation to these incidents cost approximately $385,000.

To avoid such theft, police suggest vehicle owners park in a locked garage, if possible, park in well-lit areas or purchase an aftermarket clamp for additional protection.