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Province Seeking Feedback on North Perimeter Safety Improvements

March 22, 2021 11:59 AM | News

North Perimeter Highway

Proposed changes to improve safety along the north Perimeter Highway. Click to enlarge. (PROVINCE OF MANITOBA)

Ron Schuler

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler speaks during a news conference in Winnipeg on Thursday, July 2, 2020. (MANITOBA GOVERNMENT / YOUTUBE)

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is seeking feedback on safety improvements to the north Perimeter Highway.

An engagement survey was launched Monday for the second phase of the Perimeter Safety Review, from Portage Avenue to Fermor Avenue.

“The Perimeter Highway is one of Manitoba’s most important economic corridors. It is a key link in the Trans-Canada Highway and plays a strategic role in Manitoba’s economy by providing industry with access to world markets,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler.

“Engaging with the public will allow our government to consider the safest and most practical options to enhance the North Perimeter Highway while providing access to adjacent properties.”

The plan is to eliminate 22 different access points by gravel or mud roads along the north Perimeter Highway as well as non-signalled median openings. Minister Schuler says certain access roads will be maintained to allow the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Hydro to access their equipment through a locked gate, for example.

The second phase of the safety review builds on the previously announced south Perimeter Highway improvements, which included closing access and/or median openings at 26 intersections and eventually constructing an interchange at St. Mary’s Road.

Schuler says improvements to the south Perimeter Highway are expected to be completed over the next several years.

No timetime has been set for the north Perimeter Highway project and the associated costs of the project haven’t been revealed, pending an open bidding process among contractors on Merx.

The public can weigh on proposed changes to the north Perimeter Highway by taking an online survey until April 10 on EngageMB.ca.

North Perimeter Highway Public Engagement Presentation by ChrisDca on Scribd