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RCMP to Begin Reporting Monthly Crime Data in Manitoba

April 28, 2021 4:40 PM | News

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Manitoba RCMP will begin releasing monthly crime statistics for different districts throughout the province.

Mounties say the data will be publicly available on its website and show details surrounding crimes against persons and property, as well as common police activities in Manitoba RCMP’s three districts.

“Our goal is to ensure Manitobans have a better sense of the types of crime occurring where they live and if there are any emerging crime trends in their area,” said Chief Superintendent Rob Hill, criminal operations officer for the Manitoba RCMP.

“It’s important for us as an organization to be as transparent and accountable as possible when it comes to RCMP activities within the province.”

Traffic statistics will also be published monthly, outlining the number of fatal and serious collisions, along with provincial traffic enforcement numbers.

For March 2021, RCMP say crime increased by 20.5 percent in the number of calls for service as compared to March 2020.

While there was an overall increase in calls for service as compared to March 2020, police say this may be attributed to strict COVID-19 restrictions and public health orders enacted last March that required Manitobans to stay home.

The monthly updated crime data for each district can be found here.

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