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City Mailing Out Parking Tickets to Avoid Confrontations

May 21, 2021 2:59 PM | News

Parking Ticket Photo Evidence


The City of Winnipeg will begin mailing out more parking tickets to drivers to increase the safety of its enforcement officers and reduce the potential for confrontations.

The city currently mails tickets for parking in fire lanes and in school zones. Beginning Tuesday, May 25, that list will expand to include:

  • Stopping where stopping is prohibited
  • Parking where parking is prohibited
  • Double parking
  • Parking on a boulevard
  • Parking in the wrong direction

The city will utilize its fleet of vehicles equipped with automatic licence plate recognition technology to record the infraction.

“It is also anticipated to assist traffic flow during peak hours, as officers won’t always need to stop their vehicles in a lane of traffic to issue a penalty notice,” the city said in a release. “Officers will continue to hand-deliver penalty notices to vehicles when necessary.”

Registered vehicle owners will receive a penalty notice including a photograph of the offence within seven days of mail out.

Due to COVID-19 measures, drivers can only contest a ticket online or by contacting 311, not in person.