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Manitoba Improving the Process to Book a Campsite

January 14, 2022 10:32 AM | News


(Camping image via Shutterstock)

WINNIPEG — The province is improving the way it handles online camping reservations to better serve Manitobans who often find the yearly process to be frustrating.

Several short-term changes are being implemented for the 2022 season this spring, while more longer-term solutions will guide the province to streamline the system for years to come.

“The technical and policy adjustments to our parks reservation service are being made in response to public feedback,” said Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard.

“The improvements will help manage the load on the opening day for reservations, ease the booking process for campers and provide more opportunities to book camping facilities in high demand and limited inventory, such as cabins and yurts.”

While the province explores a completely new software application for 2023, short-term fixes will include server upgrades and the addition of two opening days to five from three.

Other changes to how campsites, cabins and yurts are booked at provincial parks this season include:

  • A limit to the number of reservations that can be booked in one session for cabins and yurts to two from three
  • A reduction in the maximum length of stays at cabins or yurts to seven nights from 14 nights to give more people opportunities to acquire these facilities

Many campers often express their ire on social media the day reservations open, reporting slow page loads, server crashes and being kicked out of the queue system while nearing the front of the line.

Guillemard says a tendering process will soon be underway to develop and implement a replacement system for future seasons.

The changes come after the public recently provided feedback on the camping reservation system through EngageMB. The results of that feedback can be read below.

EngageMB Parks Reservation Service Feedback by ChrisDca on Scribd