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Elective Surgeries Postponed Due to Blizzard Conditions

April 13, 2022 2:21 PM | News

Winnipeg Snowstorm

A pedestrian walks along St. Mary’s Road in Winnipeg on a snowy Friday, January 21, 2022. (CHRISD.CA FILE)

Mother Nature’s April wrath means that most elective surgeries were cancelled Wednesday afternoon into Thursday in Winnipeg.

Shared Health says blizzard conditions means that non-essential surgeries were postponed in an effort to make sure urgent and emergent needs are met, and to reduce unnecessary patient travel in southern Manitoba.

Ambulatory care appointments and some patient appointments at Health Sciences Centre were also being rescheduled or being shifted to virtual visits where appropriate.

“The decision to postpone non-urgent surgeries and appointments scheduled to occur during the peak of this severe weather event is part of a broader health system response to maintaining essential health services throughout the storm, when staffing levels may be challenged by difficult road conditions,” says a spokesperson for Shared Health.

Officials say health care workers who can’t get home due to the storm are being offered accommodation options.

“Call-outs for staff who are not scheduled to work but may be willing and able to pick up shifts are also being made,” says Shared Health.

All patients who had their surgery or appointment rescheduled have been or will be notified, they added.

“Clinical and system leaders will continue to monitor weather conditions and its impact on service provision throughout the storm, with both public and patient notification to occur should circumstances change.”

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