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Manitoba Spending $15.3M on Rural Wastewater Treatment Projects

March 27, 2023 1:52 PM | News

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The Manitoba government is spending more than $15.3 million to support three rural water and wastewater treatment projects.

The projects include $7.75 million for the expansion of the water treatment plant in the RM of Macdonald, $4 million to support the South East Reservoir project in the RM of Headingley and $3.6 million for a sewage collection system in the RM of West St. Paul.

“By ensuring safe, secure drinking water, these projects also provide environmentally sound wastewater management for our communities,” Municipal Relations Minister Andrew Smith said on Monday.

“We are pleased to fund these important projects in our capital region to ensure our water management systems are healthy and sustainable for years to come.”

Kam Blight, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, says there is a great need for increased dollars to support water and wastewater infrastructure.

“Investments such as these are crucial to not only help support economic and residential growth but also ensure Manitobans have access to modern reliable water systems,” Blight said.