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Pilot Project to Rid Cigarette Butts from Downtown Streets

Cigarette Butts
(Cigarette butts image via Shutterstock)

Been there, done that. But is there a bin there?

That’s the question the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg want citizens to ask in helping make cigarette butts disappear from the downtown.

The new “Bin here?” pilot project includes four bright pink deckled cigarette bins popping up around downtown over the next month on busy corners.

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Survey Finds Manitobans Want More Smoke-Free Spaces

Findings in a new survey reveal most Manitobans don’t want to be bothered by cigarette smoke while enjoying outdoor patios and other public places.

The Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance (MANTRA) came out with the survey, which found two in three people (67%) support extending smoking bans to outdoor patios of restaurants and bars — an increase from 58% in 2008.

Other results show 65% of those surveyed support a smoking ban on beaches, in public parks (61%) and at outdoor events (59%).

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Fewer Winnipeggers Lighting Up: Peg Report

By Sarah Klein

SmokingA new report shows fewer Winnipeggers are smoking these days.

The Peg says 13% fewer citizens smoke now than 10 years ago, with 19.4% of people in the city self-identifying as smokers in 2012, compared to 22.4% in 2003.

The report also notes year-to-year fluctuations, with Winnipeg smoking rates slightly increasing since 2010, but noting we’re still below the national average (19.4% in Winnipeg compared to 20.4% nationally).

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Manitoba’s Flavoured Tobacco Ban Under Fire

By David Klassen

Manitoba’s ban of flavoured tobacco products is coming under fire by a Montreal-based cigar importer.

The province on Wednesday introduced Bill 52 — legislation that would prohibit the sale of flavoured cigars and cigarettes in an effort to protect children.

Casa Cubana says the legislation is “grossly misleading, bordering on the fraudulent and tantamount to an outright lie.”

“With Bill 52, the Minister (Sharon Blady, Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors) is essentially finger-pointing the more than 1,500 legitimate business owners across the province who responsibly sell these legitimate products — as people who target, depend on and profit from the sale of tobacco products to kids,” said Luc Martial, VP of government affairs at Casa Cubana.

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Manitoba to Ban Sale of Flavoured Tobacco

The Manitoba government is moving to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products in the province.

The ban will include cigars and cigarettes marketed to children. Flavoured cigars and cigarettes are often less expensive and use colourful packaging to appeal to youth.

“No parent wants their child to smoke and we should do whatever we can to keep them from picking up this dangerous habit in the first place,” said Healthy Living and Seniors Minister Sharon Blady. “Cigarettes that taste like strawberry and bubble gum in flashy packaging are attractive to children and encourage them to experiment with tobacco.”

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