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Winnipeg Photogs to Give Back at Inner-City Schools

December 3, 2010 7:28 AM | News

A group of Winnipeg photographers will give back on Saturday by donating their time, skills and equipment to make a difference this holiday season.

Help-Portrait creates a professional photograph for those who would otherwise not seek out a photographer. The event was spearheaded by photographers Ian McCausland and Jim Todd, who have assembled a team of 10 others to help them with the shoot at three separate inner-city schools.

“While we’re busy with our daily lives, we sometimes forget that there are people out there in need. This is our chance to give back using our skills,” McCausland said. “There’s nothing better than getting everyone together for a family portrait just in time for the holidays.”

Last year, Help-Portrait involved 3,400 photographers in 42 countries and 543 locations, who shot over 41,000 portraits.