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Neechi Commons Opens in Winnipeg’s North End

March 19, 2013 11:12 AM | News

Neechi Commons

Neechi Commons, 865 Main Street (BEN SINGER / METRO WINNIPEG)

A new retail development opened Tuesday in Winnipeg’s North End, transforming old real estate into a new community hub.

The Neechi Commons Community Business Complex is 50,000 square feet of supermarket space, containing a cafeteria-style restaurant, a produce courtyard with local fruit and vegetables, a bakery, specialty boutiques, an Aboriginal arts centre, and a farmers’ market.

The complex at 865 Main Street will also provide area residents with employment and training opportunities.

“It’s encouraging to see locally driven projects like Neechi Food Co-Op become a reality,” said Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities Kevin Chief. “This is a wonderful example of the great things that can be accomplished through collaborative partnerships between government and local communities. The province will continue to provide funding support for exciting economic ventures like this.”

The $6.8 million project was jointly funded by the provincial and federal governments, while the Neechi Commons group provided the remaining funds.

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