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Construction Partially Delayed on Riding Mountain Visitor Centre

June 4, 2020 7:01 AM | News

Clear Lake Visitor Centre

The Riding Mountain National Park visitor centre in Wasagaming, Manitoba is being overhauled. (DISCOVERCLEARLAKE.COM)

Restoration work on the roof of the visitor centre building in Riding Mountain National Park has been halted due to chimney swifts.

The birds have taken up residence in one of the building’s chimneys, meaning roof repairs can’t proceed as originally planned.

Parks Canada will carry out infrastructure upgrades to the building’s exterior, as well as improvements to interior spaces, exhibits, and visitor areas throughout the 2020 visitor season.

Work on the roof was delayed due to poor weather in late winter and early spring. The arrival of chimney swifts, which are a protected threatened species, means work can’t proceed until they decide to leave.


The upgrades include renewing the interpretive exhibits, re-designing the visitor service reception area to enhance customer service and visitor flow, improving accessibility to the building and the grounds, installing new inclusive washroom facilities, updating the audiovisual equipment, improving the building to easily host events, repairing and upgrading the roof, and installing geothermal heating and cooling.

Construction crews are expected to remain on-site through the spring and into the fall, therefore the visitor centre will be closed until work is complete.

Due to COVID-19, some park services and amenities are limited. Boating is scheduled to resume June 12, while campgrounds will reopen on June 21.